About NLCF

Turf RoomNew London CrossFit is the premier strength and conditioning facility in Southeastern CT.  Our 10,000 square foot CrossFit facility is dedicated to improving the overall fitness and quality of life of every single individual who comes through our doors.  We are passionate about transforming our athletes bodies and lives and empowering each and every member to take their fitness to new levels.  We are COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE!



New London CrossFit  utilizes constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity to propel individuals to achieve a total, all inclusive fitness.  The aim of our program is to develop proficiency and improve performance across the following 10 recognized fitness domains: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Speed, Strength, Power, Flexibility, Balance, Coordination, Agility, and Accuracy.


Box-rowersOur focus is on improving people’s lives and  we’re committed to delivering excellence in the results department!  We do this through quality and detail oriented coaching, support, and education.  By coaching, supporting, and educating our members on all things CrossFit (this includes but isn’t limited to how to properly execute movements, nutritional guidelines and strategies, how to set goals, how to track your progress, how to shop and prep food for success etc.) we position our members to maximize the benefits they can get from our programs.


Our primary program is our CrossFit program.  We offer our group CrossFit classes throughout the day that are led by a (or two depending on class size) Level 1 certified CrossFit Instructor(s).  We offer group CrossFit classes at 8 different times every weekday.


We also offer a number of other programs including our Kids program, Olympic Lifting program, Mobility Classes, and personal training.  All of our programs are scalable and can be modified to accommodate an individual regardless of current physical condition, age, or level of experience.  All of our programs are built on the CrossFit methodology/philosophy and seek to deliver evidence based results.




Put simply, our objective is to make every individual we work with more fit.  And we’re not talking about just losing weight or improving body composition (although those are benefits many of our athletes enjoy) but improving performance…  Making our athletes faster, stronger, more powerful, quicker, more agile, etc.  We measure our athletes body composition(body fat vs lean mass) as well as performance through benchmarks workouts, strength tests, flexibility and range of motion tests, etc on regular basis.


The athletes who commit to our programs and put in the work see evidence based results! They improve their body composition, improve their metabolic capacity, get stronger, faster, etc.  Check out a few of our  our member success stories here to see the results some of our athletes are getting.


In addition to being a results oriented facility that strives to make every athlete who comes through our doors better and more fit, New London CrossFit is so much more… We are community of people who sweat, struggle, overcome, and prosper TOGETHER!  Our coaches and athletes motivate, encourage, and support one another day in and day out to take our minds and bodies to new levels!


We have great pride in the Community we have developed at NLCF.  You’ll hear many of our members describe “The Box” (fancy lingo for what we call CrossFitters call the gym) as their “home away from home.”  Many of our members forge wonderful friendships and bonds with other members and/or coaches.  We support one another to push harder and get stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally every single day.


Based off of feedback we have received from many new members, the community and support inherent within is often cited as one of the most significant and beneficial parts of being a member at NLCF, especially in the beginning when things can seem a little intimidating.  The fact is every single one of our members “knows what it’s like” to have their first day at the gym and be “new” as they’ve all been there at some point.  Our welcoming community provides a backbone of support and encouragement that all our members and coaches benefit from.


Is New London CrossFit a little “different” from a “regular” gym?  Absolutely… But the truth is so are the results we deliver.  The quality of coaching, support, and education that makes us so different can’t found at most (if any) “regular” gyms.  And it’s these “differences” that drive the overwhelming success of our members and program as a whole!