Below are a list of frequently asked questions we get on a regular basis and answers to those questions.  If you don’t find your question and/or answer here, please contact us and we’ll happily assist you in getting your question answered…


Do I need to be a serious athlete to do CrossFit?

NO.  Our program is universally scalable so anyone can participate regardless of your experience working out, current fitness level, or age.  We have athletes from the age of 15 to 70 that work out here with many of those athletes are at different places physically and have varying levels of experience.  We can modify our workouts to allow anyone to get benefit from them, improve their fitness, and progress towards their goals.

I am visiting from out of town, can I drop in for a class or two?

YES.  We offer 1 free class on us then our drop in rate is $20/class or $45/week.  We just ask that you notify us via email ([email protected]) prior to arriving to let us know when to expect you so we can make our coaching staff aware.