Our Coaches

Mike Penta

clean and jerk

Mike is Co Owner, Coach and Programmer At New London Crossfit. Mike is level 1 Crossfit Certified, Olympic lifting coach, AFPA Certified nutrition and sport nutrition specialist.  Mike started training in 2003 after becoming an IFPA certified trainer. Mike has also managed one of the top fitness corporations as well and one of the top fitness franchises in america before opening up New London Cossfit in 2010.

 From the time Mike began walking he started his journey as a multi-sport athlete playing Hockey, Football, and Baseball.  In his Senior year of High School Mike received top honors in football and was named best offensive football player in the state of Connecticut.  Mike continued his football career at the Division I level, Playing at Sacred Heart University where he Received his Degree in Business




Erin Blette

Hey folks, my name is Erin and I’m from New London, Connecticut.  I grew up playing sports, namely soccer and softball, up through high school.  It wasn’t until college that I got into running.  I ran cross country for two years at Mitchell College and have done numerous road races, ranging from 5Ks to marathons.  As much as I enjoyed racing and pushing myself to go farther and faster, I was always looking for ways to switch things up and challenge myself. At this point, about four years ago, I decided to train for a triathlon, so I bought a bike and got in the water more often.  I have since participated in three sprint distance triathlons.


Naturally, once I checked that off my list, I was itching for something else and luckily a little over two years ago a co-worker of mine at the time introduced me to CrossFit.  He came up to me one day and said, “I’m opening up this new gym downtown. You gotta come check it out, I think you’ll love it.”  Needless to say, I checked it out and he was right, I was instantly hooked.  I would come in a few times a week and get the crap kicked out of me by these things called “WODs” and found that when I was done with these “WODs”, I couldn’t wait to come back the next day and do it again.


One of the many things I love about CrossFit is that regardless of where you start or how far you’ve come, there is always something to shoot for- 1 more rep, 5 more pounds, 10 seconds faster.  I love looking back in my workout log and seeing that I started with a 35lb bar and now I can almost put my body weight over my head.  How cool is that?! And what’s even cooler? My fellow CrossFitters. The camaraderie and support of everyone here at New London CrossFit is what makes coming in the box every day and busting my ass all the more worth it.  I am part of a community of pure awesomeness and it doesn’t get any better than that!


I decided to get my coaching certification because I wanted to share my love of this sport with other people.  To me, helping others achieve their goals and watching them improve every day is one of the best feelings in the world.  Knowing how amazing it feels to get a new PR or finish a brutal workout, is what makes coaching others and seeing them do the same such a satisfying experience.


I have never felt more “a part of something” than I do at NLCF.  The progression I have made mentally, physically and emotionally and the bonds I have made with the people here is absolutely incredible and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!