Kids Program

The Kid’s program at New London CrossFit is a derivative of CrossFit that is designed specifically for kids.  The objective of our kids program is similar to that of our regular CrossFit program: to create a total all inclusive fitness.  We will combine gymnastics movements along with metabolic conditioning, body weight exercises, plyo-metrics, and light weight lifting to develop capacity across the 10 recognized fitness domains.  Put simply, our kid’s program is CrossFit scaled down and designed for kids ages 5-14.

We offer our kids classes twice per week on Tues. and Thurs. evening.  Class for kids ages 5-9 meets at 5:00 and class for kids 10-14 meets at 5:45.  Classes are comprised of boys and girl of varying ages with varying levels of fitness.  Just like regular CrossFit, our kid’s program is universally scalable so any child can participate.

Our goal is make fitness fun and enjoyable while simultaneously teaching the kids how to properly and safely perform a wide array functional movements that will translate to real world.  The program is an excellent compliment for any child who is an athlete and involved in sports.  It’s also a the perfect program for any child who would like to become more active, build more confidence, make new friends, and learn healthy habits and values that will last for years to come.

Each class is coached by a certified CrossFit Kid’s trainer who in addition to being certified to teach CrossFit to kids has extensive experience working with children.  The classes are designed to be fun while simultaneously instilling the foundation for a lifetime of fitness.  We aspire to show kids how much fun and rewarding fitness can be.

The cost of our kid’s program is $75/mo.