On Ramp/ Beginner class

Stacy footwork-1So what the heck is “On Ramp” and who has to go through it?


On Ramp is a program that we require all individuals new to CrossFit to go through prior to being able to join our regular CrossFit classes.  Given the breadth of our program and the many lifts and exercises we incorporate into our workouts, it’s important that we teach our athletes all the movements they will be exposed to in our regular classes.


In addition to exposing them to the movements and empowering new athletes to gain familiarity with the many movements incorporated into our workouts, it’s critical that we teach everyone starting at New London CrossFit how to properly execute each movement from a technical standpoint to ensure safety and allow each individual to get the most from our program.


We at New London CrossFit subscribe to the maxim of “Technical Proficiency Before Intensity.”  It is at the core of our philosophy and is something our entire program is a derivative of.  Keeping our athletes safe is our number one concern.  Teaching our athletes how to execute every movement in a technically solid fashion with a keen understanding of the primary points of performance associated with each movement allows us to keep our athletes safe and put them in a position to maximize the results they can get from our program.




It would be a disservice to allow any new CrossFit athlete to jump into a class without a thorough understanding of ALL the movements, points of performance  and faults associated with each movement (being able to decipher what is technically correct from that which is not), as well as an understanding of how to modify and scale movements in order to keep them safe (depends on an individuals level of ability and where they are at technically.)  On ramp allows us to do all of this and then some.


The foundation of everything we do with our program is laid in on ramp.  Not getting that foundation in place when a new athlete starts not only provides concerns from a safety and injury standpoint but ultimately limits and actually inhibits an individuals ability to get the most from CrossFit.


We are all about delivering our athletes the best possible results while keeping them as safe as possible.  Taking every new athlete through our On Ramp program puts us in a position to do that.


On-ramp 1In addition to laying the “Technical Foundation,” On Ramp also gives us the opportunity to get our athletes familiar with what our objectives are and cultivate an understanding of our philosophy and methodology.  By understanding the big “macro” picture and what we are trying to achieve on the more macro level, our athletes have a much greater understanding of why we do what we do day in and day out.


We at NLCF have found this understanding to be critical from results standpoint.  Put simply, those who don’t understand the “big picture” and why we do what we do day in and day out simply don’t progress as quickly or maximize their results in the same regard as those individuals who have this understanding.  On Ramp allows us to give new athletes that understanding and by extension, put them in a position to maximize their results.


On Ramp also allows us to get all our new athletes up to speed from the standpoint of understanding how classes are structured, run, etc.  By establishing clear expectations from the onset and getting our athletes acclimated to how we do things and what to expect from our program, coaches, facility, classes, etc. we put them in a position to get the most from our program once they finish on ramp and start participating in regular classes.


Everyone new to CrossFit must go through On Ramp prior to being able to participate in group CrossFit classes unless know all the movement we incorporate into our workouts, know how to execute them, and demonstrate the ability to do so in a technically proficient manner.




OPTION 1: GROUP ON RAMP (9 Sessions over 3 weeks- $150)


Group-stretch 1We offer 1 group on ramp each month with the session usually starting the first week of the month.  Group on ramp meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5:30 pm and Sat. mornings at  10:00 am for 3 weeks.  Each class last approximately one hour.


The format for the 1st 5-6 classes is very similar.  We will start each session by laying out how the session will flow and what will be covered.  We’ll typically spend 10 minutes or so reviewing elements of CrossFit’s methodology/philosophy and touching on key points of our program.


We then will stretch out, loosen up, and begin going over movements.  Each class we build on the previous by reviewing what we went over last class before introducing new exercises and lifts.  The on ramp program is cumulative in the sense that each session builds on the previous.


After reviewing movements for 25-30 minutes in a low intensity “teaching” environment, we ramp things up and spend the last 20 minutes of class hitting a workout.  YOU WILL WORKOUT DURING EACH ON RAMP CLASS!


Typically by class 7-9 we transition into taking you through the regular class workouts so you can get a feel for how a typical class is run and know exactly what to expect once on ramp ends.  At this point, we allow athletes in On Ramp to attend regular classes if they aren’t able to make the on ramp class times however we strongly encourage everyone to try and finish the entire 9 sessions with your On Ramp class.


By the time your are through on ramp you will have a solid technical foundation to build off of as you start to ramp up the intensity.  You’ll have  an understanding of all the movements and how to execute them properly.  You’ll know how classes are run and understand all the different terminology we use.  You’ll understand what we’re trying to accomplish and why we do what we do at NLCF.  You’ll have a nutritional game plan in place and have clearly defined goals.  YOU’LL BE SET UP FOR SUCCESS!!!


OPTION 2: ONE on ONE ON RAMP (5 Sessions with a coach scheduled at your convenience- $200)


The one on one on ramp is very similar in nature to our group program from the standpoint of material covered.  However because it is one on one, we can get thru it all much quicker.  Obviously the price is a bit more due to the fact the sessions are one on one.


The one on one sessions are scheduled with one of our coaches at your convenience.  Once you complete the 5 personal on ramp sessions, you’ll be able to start participating in regular classes.  You can start a personal one on one on ramp at any time.